Tea Party

Delight in the timeless charm of a Tea Party at Pampered Parties in Livermore, CA! Transport your young girls to a whimsical world of elegance and fun. From dainty tea sets to delightful treats and mini makeovers, our enchanting tea parties create unforgettable moments for your princesses. Book now for a magical experience!

from $600

Tea Party Package

  • For up to 8 guests, including the birthday girl
  • $25 for each additional guest
  • Complete Coordination of Your Event
  • 2-hour party with professional party hostesses
  • Personalized Online Invitations
  • Use of our Tea Party Accessory Area
  • 3 Activity Stations-  Bracelet Craft Station, Coloring Page Station and Playdough Station will be available for guests
  • 3 Beauty Stations– Nail Art, Professional Glitter Tattoos, and Hairstyling with Light Makeup all included.
  • Deluxe Candy/Snack Buffet stocked with six snack choices and Punch Fountain plus elegantly personalized popcorn boxes and punch cups.
  • Classical Tea Party Music
  • Tea Party Circle Time fun tea party themed activities and guests will learn about manners and tea party etiquette
  • Elegant Tea Party
  • Petite Cake for Birthday and Decorator Cupcakes for the Guests



Step into an Enchanted World of Elegance with Our Livermore, CA Tea Party

At Pampered Parties, we believe in the magic of celebrations that transport young hearts to a world of elegance and imagination. Our Tea Party service in Livermore, CA is designed to do just that, creating a charming and unforgettable experience for girls who appreciate the finer things in life. With attention to detail, delightful treats, and an ambiance that captures the essence of elegance, our Tea Party promises an enchanting celebration like no other.

A Whimsical Tea Time Experience

Our Tea Party is a journey into the enchanting world of tea and elegance. From the moment guests step into our venue in Livermore, CA, they’re transported to a charming tea room filled with vintage-inspired decor, dainty tea sets, and an atmosphere that whispers of elegance and magic. It’s a celebration that encourages guests to slow down, sip tea, and savor the company of friends.

Delight in Delectable Treats

What’s a tea party without exquisite treats? Our Tea Party is a culinary delight, featuring a spread of delectable finger foods, pastries, and sweet treats that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the taste buds. Guests indulge in a variety of mini sandwiches, scones, and desserts that add an extra layer of elegance to the celebration.

Manners and Etiquette

Our Tea Party is not just about indulging in treats; it’s also an opportunity to learn and practice manners and etiquette in a fun and engaging way. Our professional hosts guide guests through the art of tea party etiquette, teaching them how to handle tea cups, use napkins, and engage in polite conversation. It’s a valuable lesson that instills grace and social skills in a delightful setting.

Dress-Up and Elegance

Part of the charm of our Tea Party is the opportunity to dress up and embrace elegance. Guests are invited to wear their most charming dresses, hats, and accessories, adding an extra layer of glamour to the celebration. The combination of stylish attire and enchanting decor creates a picture-perfect ambiance that’s perfect for capturing memorable photographs.

Unforgettable Bonding Moments

Our Tea Party is not just a celebration; it’s a moment of connection and friendship. The relaxed and elegant atmosphere encourages guests to engage in heartfelt conversations, laughter, and shared moments. It’s a time for young hearts to bond and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Stress-Free Planning

Choosing our Tea Party service means choosing a stress-free planning experience. Our dedicated team takes care of every detail, from coordinating activities to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all. We’re committed to making the celebration effortless for you while providing an enchanting and memorable experience for your child and her friends.

Book Your Tea Party Today

Step into a world of elegance and charm with our Tea Party service in Livermore, CA. Give your child and her friends the opportunity to experience an enchanting tea time celebration that combines grace, camaraderie, and magical moments.

Contact Pampered Parties today to book the ultimate Tea Party experience for your daughter and her friends. Let us transport them to a world of elegance, where tea and imagination come together to create memories that are as timeless as they are unforgettable.