Diva Party for Girls.

Pampered Parties provides elegant, all-inclusive, theme parties for girls at our amazing new venue in Pleasanton, CA. 

Step into the World of Glamour with a Girls Diva Party

Welcome to Pampered Parties, where every young girl has the chance to shine and embrace her inner diva. Our Diva Party for Girls in Pleasanton, CA is a celebration that combines the glitz and glam of the runway with the joy of friendship and self-expression. With a perfect blend of makeovers, fashion, and an ambiance that radiates excitement, our Diva Party promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of confidence, style, and pure fun.

A Celebration of Glamour and Confidence

Our Pleasanton, CA Diva Party for Girls is an invitation to step into a world of glamour, where confidence takes center stage and dreams come true. Inspired by the dazzling lights of the runway, our venue sets the perfect backdrop for young divas to unleash their inner stars. It's a celebration that encourages each girl to shine and embrace their unique beauty and style.

A highlight of our Diva Party is the opportunity for guests to experience glamorous makeovers that are fit for the stars. Our team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists provide makeovers that align with each girl's personal style. From subtle and elegant to bold and trendy, the makeovers enhance their beauty and boost their self-esteem.

Runway Fashion Showcase

The Diva Party for Girls includes a dazzling runway fashion showcase that turns each guest into a superstar for the day. With a catwalk, lights, and an enthusiastic audience, every girl has the chance to strut their stuff and showcase their individual style. It's a moment of pride and celebration that empowers them to embrace their inner diva.

Our Diva Party isn't just about looking the part; it's also about experiencing the world of fashion firsthand. In addition to makeovers and the runway, our guests engage in interactive fashion activities that foster creativity and friendship. From designing personalized accessories to crafting mini fashion pieces, every activity adds an extra layer of excitement to the celebration.

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